Local stakeholders in the health sector and Montpellier have a shared goal to create tomorrow's health care, uniting efforts under the Montpellier France Health Hub banner.

Health, the beating heart of the Montpellier metropolitan area

A land of achievements, the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole area has earned international recognition in the health field, joining teaching, research, innovation, and quality of life throughout its history.
Cutting-edge hospitals, renowned universities, research laboratories, business associations, and large companies comprise a highly favorable health community from which many rising stars have emerged.
Trias Astériou, Chargée de mission filière santé et agronomie

Trias Astériou

Project manager, Health sector


A unifying project that helps local stakeholders take action

An initiative of Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, the project seeks to mobilize the health ecosystem, including education and training, research and care, companies, and public authorities, to develop major projects, stimulate development in the health sector, encourage company growth, and promote the Montpellier metropolitan area internationally.
Montpellier France Health Hub is a project designed as a collective effort, bringing together stakeholders from different horizons and helping local players take action. By uniting a variety of interested parties, creating new bridges, and motivating participants to focus on a common goal, new initiatives will emerge to the benefit of the territory as a whole.

Shared goals

Leveraging Montpellier France Health Hub, local authorities are working towards several objectives to make the Montpellier Métropole area a territory for health activities, while creating an environment favorable for people’s well-being.

Pass croissance
Stimulating development
Stimulating development
in the health sector and boosting company growth.
Montpellier Capital Santé fonctionne en co-construction grâce à l’engagement de tous les acteurs de la filière.
Providing greater exposure
Providing greater exposure
for the Montpellier area on national and international levels by highlighting its potential and the momentum of the local economy.
Le Corum accueille plus de 500 000 congressistes par an.
Attracting the best investors and foreign talents
Attracting the best investors and foreign talents
including students, researchers, and companies, so that they relocate to the Montpellier area.

Project foundations

  • Setting up a Montpellier France Health Hub council to steer implementation of the effort locally.
  • Identifying high-potential thematic lines to guide our co-development of an action plan.
  • Organizing meeting opportunities for ecosystem members, essential for actions to emerge.
  • Providing assistance and bringing together all local players who want to reinforce their commitment to support the ecosystem.