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Celebrate University of Montpellier Medical School’s 800th anniversary

From 01 01/20
From 01 January 2020
to 31 December 2020
Information updated on 14/12/21

The world’s oldest medical school still in activity, University of Montpellier’s Faculty of Medicine, is celebrating its 800 years on August 17, 2020. You are invited to participate in events organized for the occasion throughout the year.

Venez fêter les 800 ans de la faculté de Médecine de Montpellier
In 2020, the city of Montpellier and Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole are celebrating the Faculty of Medicine’s 8th centennial with a wide variety of cultural, scientific, and festive events.
The program will highlight the rich history of medicine in Montpellier, as well as its present and future via startups, research and more.

A place for success and innovation, Montpellier has earned widespread international recognition in the health field. The Montpellier area is favorable for rising stars in medicine, with cutting-edge research laboratories and health care establishments, recognized universities, a competitiveness cluster, and more, all united as part of the Montpellier Health Hub  approach.

On the calendar for the City of Montpellier and Montpellier Métropole:

Featuring exhibitions, conferences, guided tours, workshops, and much more, the 2020 calendar is loaded!

Notable events include:
  • Conferences at “Agora des Savoirs”
March-April: Artificial Intelligence, as part of Brain Awareness Week
September: The heart in literature and medicine
November-December: Movement of the body and ideas
  • Conference at the Regional Conservatory of Music
In 2020, the Conservatory will host a conference by Pierre Lemarquis  on the brain and music. As a follow-up to the conference, an exhibition will be presented on the ties between music, the brain, and the body, highlighting the latest research in musicotherapy.
  • Event: Futurapolis Health
Montpellier, a city for medicine, will host the Futurapolis Health forum in October 2020. The program includes many conferences and opportunities for the general public to discover innovations. Round tables and conferences for professionals will be offered as part of the 800th anniversary celebration.
  • Exhibition at Fabre museum – February 28 to May 31
Art and Anatomy – A dialog between Fabre museum and Atger museum collections
Fabre museum and Atger museum are sharing their collections for a joint exhibition at both sites, featuring graphic arts works on the subject of studying and representing the human body, presenting the relations between art and anatomy as well as the role of drawing and illustration in body and facial expression.
  • Exhibition at City Hall and Esplanade Charles de Gaulle - starting August 17
The leading figures in medicine
This exhibition explores medicine in Montpellier via its emblematic sites and the important men and women who shaped its history.
  • Guided tours and workshops
> Tours organized by the Tourist Office in French, English, and sign language. See the schedule here.
> Educational workshops for young people, with activities such as making doctors’ plague masks and Venetian masks. During the Comédie du Livre book fair, Montpellier Multimedia libraries will feature the theme: “Montpellier celebrates the University of Montpellier’s Faculty of Medicine’s 800 years”

Schedule at the Faculty of Medicine:

The Faculty of Medicine will also organize many events throughout 2020.

“We are going to offer very high-level events. For example, there will be a symposium with major international scientific publishers, a symposium on people with respect to science – exploring medicine and society, and people’s reluctance regarding the scientific situation – and more. We will also hold sessions on ethics and cancer; gender equality in health; and medicinal plants; and a day focusing on contemporary history and the advanced principles of medicine in the XXth century.” – Michel Mondain, Dean, University of Montpellier Faculty of Medicine.

The program at the Faculty of Medicine includes:

  • University Thursdays
University of Montpellier will organize events on Thursdays throughout 2020, focusing on health issues over the course of the year. Five conferences will be held at the Faculty of Medicine in 2020. The event on January 16 will cover the topic of Teaching via Simulation for Health Studies.
  • Conference on April 15 - 18
The French Society of Science and Technical History (SFHST) chose to organize its triennial conference in Montpellier, after holding the event in Strasbourg in 2017. SFHST will participate in various events related to the 800th anniversary celebration. Expected to attract about 400 people, the three-day conference will feature a series of conferences, including one on Big Data in Medicine.
  • Symposiums
November 10 - 16, 2019: COIMBRA group
Founded in 1985, the leading European network of universities covering 23 countries in the European Union chose to hold its annual symposium in Montpellier, with support from the president of Paul Valéry University. The prestigious Coimbra network’s program will feature a series of multidisciplinary conferences and a gala evening, expected to bring together about 350 people in Montpellier.

October 15: Man Confronted by Science
Members of the French National Academy of Medicine will get together to explore various topics, including issues related to medicine, science, society, and religion from an ethical point of view with respect to people’s wariness regarding progress and ethics at the heart of medical and surgical innovation (organoids, neuroscience, brain-machine interface, predictive algorithms, and more).

December 3: Teaching medicine: from humanities to artificial intelligence
Books have been replaced by national online wiki references; amphitheaters by e-learning and videoconferencing. The symposium will address many questions regarding recent changes in teaching medicine and its future, notably how to teach “people”?

Discover the complete Faculty of Medicine schedule
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